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Sarah Connor is a compilation album by German pop singer Sarah Connor, released in 2004.

Sarah Connor was released in 2004 in response to the success of the lead single "Bounce". Sarah Connor is Germany's biggest selling female popstar; however despite singing in English she never seriously attempted to take her music outside of German speaking countries (she released "Bounce" in England in 2003 with little promotion though as in America is charted in the top 20).

In Fall 2003 Sarah had released "Key to My Soul" during her early pregnancy. It was about that time her song "Bounce" was found by some American DJs who put it on their playlists. Soon "Bounce" was on playlists all over the US and peaked at #54. Sony realised they had a potential hit on their hands and decided to try and release a Sarah Connor CD to the US. But with no time to record and Sarah on a baby break they decided to release a compilation of her previous singles from all 3 albums.

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