Man drinks Capri Sun in 8.02 seconds to recapture world record

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Sept. 22 (UPI) -- An Indian man recaptured a Guinness World Records title in the surprisingly competitive category of the fastest time to drink a Capri Sun.

Fayis Nazer finished his drink pouch in 8.02 seconds, making him the first person to complete the feat in under 10 seconds.


The record was previously set at 10.41 seconds by German man André Ortolf in December 2022, and prior to that it was held by Nazer with a time of 11.86 seconds.

The record was originally set in 2021 by British man Declan Evans, who drank a Capri Sun in 16.65 seconds, and it was broken later that same year by serial record-breaker Leah Shutkever, who finished her beverage pouch in 15.71 seconds.

The record requires challengers to begin with both hands placed flat on a table, and they are only allowed to unwrap the straw and pierce the pouch once the timer starts.


Guinness World Records said it has proven to be a hotly contested category, with more than 100 applications for the record being received since the record-keeping organization shared a video of Ortolf's attempt in April.

Nazer's other Guinness World Records titles include fastest time to eat 80 g of watercress (37.68 seconds), fastest time to peel and eat three clementines (30.39 seconds) and most hula hoop rotations on the arm in 1 minute (274).

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