Speed-drinking German finishes Capri Sun pouch in record time

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April 13 (UPI) -- A speed-drinking German man broke an unusual Guinness World Record when he managed to drink an entire Capri Sun drink pouch in 10.41 seconds.

Andre Ortolf, who holds numerous Guinness World Records for speed eating and speed drinking, took on the record in the city of Augsburg and successfully broke it with a time of 10.41 seconds.


The record was originally set in 2021 by British man Declan Evans, who drank a Capri Sun in 16.65 seconds, and it was broken later that same year by serial record-breaker Leah Shutkever, who finished her beverage pouch in 15.71 seconds.

GWR rules for the record require challengers to start with a completely unopened Capri Sun, with the time it takes to remove the straw from the plastic sleeve and stab it into the pouch included in the final time.

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