Alligator rescued after six months trapped in drainage pipe

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April 24 (UPI) -- A wildlife rescuer in South Carolina came to the rescue of an alligator found to have been trapped in a drainage pipe for nearly six months.

Matt Kraycar of K&K Wildlife Services said he was summoned by Port Royal Plantation security in Hilton Head when the gator was spotted trapped underneath a grate.


Kraycar said the alligator apparently became stuck while swimming through the pipe in October and had been trapped ever since.

"Well they can go into brumation, which is basically like hibernation for reptiles," Kraycar told WTOC-TV. "So as it gets cooler, they're going to shut their body down. So by doing that, he doesn't really need to eat as much as he typically would during the summer, and I'm sure there were still fish and turtles coming through those pipes as well, so it didn't look like he was starving by any means."

He said the reptile had minor injuries including a chaffed snout from rubbing up against the grate, but will make a full recovery in the wild.


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