'Dead Boy Detectives' trailer brings Neil Gaiman characters to life

April 3 (UPI) -- Netflix is giving a glimpse of the new show Dead Boy Detectives.

The streaming service shared a trailer for the comedy-drama series Wednesday featuring George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri.


Dead Boy Detectives is based on the DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner. The show is part of Gaiman's Sandman universe at Netflix.

Rextrew and Revri play Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, two ghostly teenage detectives who investigate cases involving the supernatural.

"Edwin and Charles are best friends, ghosts... and the best detectives on the Mortal plane. They will do anything to stick together -- including escaping evil witches, Hell and Death itself. With the help of a clairvoyant named Crystal and her friend Niko, they are able to crack some of the mortal realm's most mystifying paranormal cases," an official synopsis reads.

Kassius Nelson and Yuyu Kitamura play Crystal and Niko, respectively.

Dead Boy Detectives is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Jeremy Carver and Sarah Schechter, with Steve Yockey and Beth Schwartz as showrunners.

Yockey and Schwartz recently told UPI that Gaiman contributed "to two episodes in particular."


Dead Boy Detectives premieres April 25.

Netflix's Sandman series, co-created by Gaiman, resumed production on its second season in November 2023.

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