Fred Savage remembers 'Wonder Years' Emmy nomination on 'Kimmel'

By Wade Sheridan

July 17 (UPI) -- Fred Savage looked back on his Emmy nomination for The Wonder Years while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Savage, on Tuesday, described how he was nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for The Wonder Years when he was just 12-years-old. He found out about the nomination while sleeping over a friends house.


The television star faced stiff competition in 1989 from John Goodman for Roseanne, Ted Danson for Cheers, Michael J. Fox for Family Ties and Richard Mulligan for Empty Nest, who ended up winning.

"It still haunts me," Savage joked about losing. "It keeps me up at night."

Savage also poked fun at his children and how his oldest son, 12-year-old Oliver, hasn't been nominated for an Emmy.

"He's done nothing," Savage joked. "I'm like, I had fired three agents by the time I was your age."

Savage now stars on Fox's What Just Happened where he portrays the host of an after-show dedicated to a fictional sci-fi thriller known as The Flare.


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