Dave Bautista on WWE retirement: 'My vision was to go out on my back'

By Wade Sheridan

July 11 (UPI) -- Dave Bautista discussed his WWE retirement and his new film Stuber co-starring Kumail Nanjiani on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Bautista, who had his final WWE match against Triple H at WrestleMania 35 in April, told Kimmel on Wednesday that he is legitimately retired from WWE and that losing the bout was exactly the way he wanted to end his professional wrestling career.


"My vision was to go out on my back. I think that's the way you do it. Especially if somebody else is gonna still be there so you go, you put them over and he stays and he looks victorious and I go off into the sunset," Bautista said, calling his final match something that he dreamed about.

"I wanted to go out a loser," he continued. "That is the old-school wrestler in me, I would go out on my back."

Bautista was then surprised by Nanjiani after he explained to Kimmel how he allowed his co-star to take credit for helping him buy gifts for the crew of Stuber.

Nanjiani wanted to repay the favor and to give Bautista a gift after he had given the comedian a championship belt and an action figure.


"He gave me a lifelong friendship," Bautista said about Nanjiani not needing to get him anything.

Nanjiani's gift to Bautista was a Bruce Lee lunchbox filled with glutton-free snacks as the former professional wrestler collects lunch boxes and is a big fan of the late movie star.

The pair then presented a comedic skit of Bautista hosting a fake Netflix comedy special. Bautista fails at the job in the clip, unable to make a live audience laugh at his jokes. He eventually grows frustrated and beats up an audience member onstage using a wooden stool.

Stuber arrives in theaters on Friday.

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