Astronaut's lover asked about 'crazy lady'

ORLANDO, Fla., March 7 (UPI) -- Newly released Orlando, Fla., police documents show NASA astronaut Bill Oefelein's new lover feared his ex-lover, Lisa Nowak, was a "crazy lady."

Nowak is charged with attacking Colleen Shipman, a U.S. Air Force captain, in the parking lot of the Orlando International Airport on Feb. 5, after she drove there from her Houston home with a wig, pepper spray, rubber gloves, a hammer, knife, garbage bags, rubber tubing and a loaded BB pistol.


Oefelein and Nowak, also an astronaut and a Navy captain, had been dating, although both were married. Oefelein divorced in 2005, and Nowak separated from her husband earlier this year.

Transcripts of Shipman's police interviews show she had expressed concerns to Ofelein about Nowak in January.

"I point-blank asked him ... are you sure she's OK with this? Because you know how these things go ... is there gonna be some crazy lady showing up at my door trying to kill me, and he said, no, no, no, she's not like that. She's fine with it, she's happy for me," Shipman's transcript says.


Nowak, 43, is free on bond and is wearing a tracking device after pleading innocent to attempted kidnapping and burglary with assault.

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