Companies design new security vehicle

CINCINNATI, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- U.S. and German companies have produced a commercial-type vehicle with enhanced security features in armoring and communications capabilities.

Ohio company O'Gara Group and Germany's BMW said the vehicles with blast protected and fully integrated C4I equipment means a "user-friendly security vehicle design that ensures total system performance, reliability for occupant security, safety and comfort."


The vehicles were designed with U.S. government needs in mind but the companies indicated they could be available to other clients with commercial-type security vehicle needs.

"We are well-positioned for U.S. government product development," said Tony Russell, president of the Mobile Systems Division of the O'Gara Group. "Our in-depth understanding of the security needs coupled with our engineering and production capabilities identify us as the preferred co-developer."

"We are pleased to invest our technological leadership and integration expertise to deliver the most reliable and discreet vehicles for our customers," said Wilfred "Bill" O'Gara, chief executive officer of the O'Gara Group. "We are confident our government and private security clients will be pleased with the long-term value and seamless performance of this combined engineering effort."

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