Mikros to deliver Adept tech to Navy

PRINCETON, N.J., April 30 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy has contracted Mikros Systems Corp. for an additional delivery of is Adept automated maintenance workstation technologies.

U.S. company Mikros was awarded a $450,000 contract from the Navy to provide four of its Adept V2 systems as part of a cruiser and destroyer vessel modernization program.


Mikros' Adept systems will be deployed with the USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) and the USS Philippine Sea (CG-58). According to a release the Adept technology is designed to "reduce the man-hours required to align the AN/SPY-1 radar system aboard U.S. Navy AEGIS cruisers and destroyers."

"Adept provides uniform collection of maintenance and troubleshooting data, advanced distance support capabilities, a platform for custom engineering tools, and has a smaller weight and logistics footprint than an equivalent set of general purpose electronic test equipment typically carried aboard U.S. Navy ships," Thomas Meaney, Mikros president, said in a statement.

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