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Diane von Fürstenberg, formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenberg (German: Diane Prinzessin zu Fürstenberg), (born December 31, 1946) is a Belgian-American fashion designer best known for her iconic wrap dress. She initially rose to prominence when she married into the German princely House of Fürstenberg, as the wife of Prince Egon of Fürstenberg. Following their divorce in 1972, she has continued to use his family name, although she is no longer entitled to use the title princess following her divorce and subsequent remarriage in 2001.

Diane Simone Michelle Halfin was born in Brussels, Belgium. Her father was Romanian-born Leon (Lipa) Halfin, who immigrated to Belgium from Chişinău (then Bessarabia province of Romania and now the capital of Moldova) in 1929. Her mother was Greek-born Liliane Nahmias, a Holocaust survivor. She studied economics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

At university, when she was 18, she met Prince Egon of Fürstenberg, the elder son of a German prince and his first wife, an heiress to the Fiat automotive fortune. Married in 1969, the couple had two children, Prince Alexander (born six months after their wedding) and Princess Tatiana, who were born in New York City. She is now the grandmother of three children. The Fürstenbergs' marriage, though not popular with the groom's family because of the bride's religion, was considered dynastic, and on her marriage Diane became Princess Diane of Fürstenberg but is no longer entitled to use the title following her divorce and then her remarriage in 2001.

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