Third Iron Dome battery deployed in Israel

HAIFA, Israel, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- The Israeli army deployed a third Iron Dome air defense battery in northern Israel following last week's alleged Israeli strike on a weapons convoy in Syria.

Army Radio said the battery's deployment wasn't due to information of a possible missile attack on Israel from Syria or Lebanon.


However, the deployment shows the army isn't prepared to take chances in light of the situation in Syria and the possibility of an attack in response to last week's strike on a weapons convoy.

Reports suggest a convoy, which allegedly included advanced weaponry and missiles being transported to Hezbollah in Lebanon, was the target of last Wednesday's strike. Syria at the time said a military research facility was hit but over the weekend its state television broadcast images showing burned vehicles and a damaged room.

The strike was condemned by Iran, Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Syria. There was no official Israeli response to the allegations.

Syria has a border along northeastern Israel.

The Israeli army deployed two Iron Dome missile defense batteries in northern Israel about 10 days ago, describing the move as a routine training step. However, the action was seen as a precaution against a possible chemical weapons attack from Syria.


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