DeMar DeRozan's daughter distracts Raptors with screams in Bulls game

April 13 (UPI) -- DeMar DeRozan's 9-year-old daughter, Diar, went viral on social media while she assisted the Chicago Bulls with screams at Toronto Raptors players as they shot free throws during an NBA play-in game in Toronto.

"I kept hearing something during the game during free throws," DeRozan told reporters Wednesday at Scotiabank Arena. "I looked back like, 'dang,' that's my daughter screaming."


DeRozan scored 23 points in the 109-105 win. With the victory, the Bulls earned the right to face the Miami Heat in a game to determine the No. 8 seed and final playoff slot in the Eastern Conference.

The Raptors made just 18 of 36 free throws in the loss. They made nearly 80% of their free throws during the regular season. Diar sat behind the basket and unleashed her loud shrieks several times just as Raptors players were releasing the ball at the free throw line Wednesday at Scotiabank Arena.

Many Twitter users took notice of the effort, giving Diar credit for her unique style of defense, and even making a highlight video for her screams.


DeRozan said his daughter called him to request attendance at the game. He let her miss a day of school so she could attend the play-in matchup.

"She was just adamant about coming to support and I said, 'All right, you can miss one day of school and come to a game,'" DeRozan said. "I'm glad I did. I owe her some money for sure."

Bulls guard Zach LaVine scored a game-high 39 points in the win.

"Way to make them miss," LaVine told Diar in the tunnel on his way to the locker room. "Way to make them miss."

The Bulls made 18 of their 22 free throw attempts. They made 42 of 86 shots from the floor. Raptors forward Pascal Siakam scored 32 points in the loss.

The Bulls will battle the Heat at 7 p.m. EDT Friday in Miami. DeRozan said his daughter will not attend that game because she will be in school.

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