Deer breaks into Ontario recreation center, dives into pool

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Feb. 26 (UPI) -- Swimmers scrambled to get out of the water when a deer broke into an Ontario recreation center and made its way to the pool.

Witness Francesco Siino captured video of the deer running around in the pool area at Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex in LaSalle.


"My kid was at swimming lessons and he just got done. We were in the changing rooms and a parent rushed in and said, 'You guys won't believe this. There's a deer in the swimming pool.' I thought there was no way," Siino told CTV News.

Siino's video shows the deer diving into the pool while being pursued by recreation center staff.

"I just thought I need to get this on video because no one's going to believe me. If I told you a deer broke in, there's no way you would believe me," Siino said.

Local officials said the deer broke in through a window and was safely returned to the outdoors by staff. Meloche said the pool was to be closed temporarily while workers ensured there was no danger from broken glass.


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