Millions of moths invade animal sanctuary pig pen

May 19 (UPI) -- The owner of a New Mexico animal sanctuary said she was shocked to discover some unwanted animals had invaded her pig pen -- a massive swarm of millions of moths.

Tamara Hubbard of the Santuario De Karuna in Tijeras said she heard one of the pigs living at the sanctuary crying out in distress at night and rushed to investigate.


"I came out of the house and noticed the light was on," Hubbard told KOB-TV. "I must have inadvertently bumped it cause I don't know. I couldn't count them, a million moths."

Hubbard said there were so many moths she couldn't see the white paint on the walls.

"Oh my God we are under siege," she can be heard saying in cellphone video of the swarm. "This is bad, this is so bad, oh my God they are all over me."

Hubbard said she got the moths to disperse by shutting off the light.

Insect expert Richard Fagerlund said moths are swarming in the area due to dry weather.

"It's so dry out that they are coming out of the mountains and out of the desert because there's no rain, they are coming to town because they can sense the moisture," he said.


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