Bees swarm on Arizona family's porch, trigger security alerts

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May 1 (UPI) -- An Arizona family who had dozens of alerts from their front door security camera overnight discovered the cause was a giant swarm of bees that took over their porch.

Keli Harper of Gilbert said her security camera fired off dozens of alerts overnight, leading her to check the video feed and spot the invaders -- thousands of bees.


"When I checked the cameras, I literally could not even see my front porch. It just seemed like there was so many -- thousands of them," Harper told KTVK-TV.

Harper said the bees picked her porch as their new swarming spot.

"I'm looking at an area of three feet, and it looks like a bad paint job with texture because there's so many of them," Harper said.

She said the security camera captured the moment a surprised FedEx driver dropped off a package and sprinted for safety when he spotted the bees.

Harper said her property management company offered to send someone out, but she decided to seek her own help when she found out they were sending an exterminator to kill the bees.

The family contacted a beekeeper who removed the swarm.


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