Hundreds of land crabs appear in Florida neighborhood

Ben Hooper

Aug. 8 (UPI) -- A Florida woman captured video of hundreds of blue land crabs in her neighborhood, skittering across the roads, lawns and sidewalks.

Abriel Arnel captured video in her Stuart neighborhood showing the swarm of crabs that descended on the area.


"I was told they are blue land crabs. Apparently they burrow throughout the year, but it's during this season (and their spawning season) when the heavy rain forces them out," Arnel told WOFL-TV.

She said there were several crabs outside of her front door when she left her house in the morning.

"We've lived here for a few years and this is the worst we've seen them!" she said.

University of Florida researchers said blue land crab mating and female migration season lasts until December, typically peaking around October or November.

The crab migration comes just weeks after a Port St. Lucie man shared video of his screen porch being covered in dozens of land crabs that fled from their burrows amid heavy rains.

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