Bear breaks into California home, raids fridge

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 20 (UPI) -- A California family's home security camera was rolling when a black bear wandered into the house and raided the refrigerator.

Hayes Sherman, 15, and Bobby Harden, 15, were watching TV at Sherman's family's vacation home in Truckee when they heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen late at night.


The boys investigated and discovered it was a black bear taking taco meat and ice cream from the refrigerator.

The bear's feast was recorded by home security cameras.

The boys fled back to the TV room and called Sherman's mother, telling her not to come downstairs.

A Placer County Sheriff's Office deputy responded to the home and was able to drive the bear away by shooting it with a bear round from a shotgun.

The boys said the bear apparently got into the home through an open garage door. They said the incident is a reminder to keep doors and windows locked.

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