Cat protects family's home from venomous cobra

By Ben Hooper
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July 2 (UPI) -- A security camera at an Indian family's home captured footage of a pet cat protecting the house from a venomous cobra.

The video, filmed Tuesday at a home in southern India, shows the cat taking multiple swipes at the cobra with its paws, while the snake fails to land a strike.


The feline eventually carries the snake outside and the owner quickly follows.

The cat's owner, Arun Chandru, said the feline escaped the encounter unscathed and the cobra was captured and relocated by a professional trapper.

''There are kids who crawl on the ground, some kids from my neighborhood visit my place too. It could have bitten them," the owner said. ''I always knew my cat was funny and intelligent, it is just now we came to know that it is brave.''

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