Scottish cyclist circles the globe for Guinness record

By Ben Hooper
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June 11 (UPI) -- A Scottish cyclist broke a Guinness World Record when she rode her bicycle 18,000 miles around the globe in 124 days.

The record-keeping organization announced Jenny Graham earned the record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (female) when she finished her journey across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America with a time of 124 days, 11 hours.


Graham began her trip at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and rode her bike to the far side of China before catching a flight to Perth, Western Australia. She then rode across Australia and New Zealand before flying to Alaska and riding across the state and Canada to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"There wasn't ever a day I felt like giving up. Once I started I was on it, I was always going to carry on in this journey," Graham told Guinness officials.

She said she faced several varieties of extreme weather during her trip.

"I thought as I'm from Scotland that it wouldn't affect me too much but dealing with the wet and the cold when you're sleeping out every night, I found that wore me down quite a bit. They were the two extremes. I also had some tornadoes crossing Canada," she said.


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