Kansas farmer uses 'cow art' to say 'hi' to SpaceX rocket

By Ben Hooper
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March 19 (UPI) -- A Kansas farmer and self-proclaimed "cow artist" used about 300 of his animals to say "hi" to the Tesla-toting SpaceX rocket.

Derek Klingenberg, a cattle farmer who previously went viral for videos showing him playing trombone for the cows and using his feed truck to herd the cows into different "cow art" images, posted a video to YouTube showing him herding the animals to spell out the word "Hi."


"My cows and I are super pumped about SpaceX shooting a Tesla into outer space," Klingenberg said in the video. "We decided we want to do our own space amazingness, farmer style."

Klingenberg says he will "try to get a satellite to take a picture of it" to prove that the SpaceX rocket could see the message from space.

The farmer said he receives daily satellite images of his farm from FarmersEdge, a company that uses Planet Labs satellites, so he estimated the time of the next photo and attempted to coordinate it with his feed truck stunt.

Klingenberg said the photo was snapped at 10:35 a.m., when the cows were beginning to wander, but the message was still legible.


"I had been waiting for good weather," Klingenberg says in the clip. "The problem was green grass was coming up in a brome area. They ate the silage -- the feed -- then they went to the green grass."

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