By DENNIS DAILY, United Press International  |  Oct. 4, 2002 at 8:05 PM
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Popular Jennifer Lopez, still smiling in the wake of the success of her first two albums -- the second of which went multi-platinum -- is about to release her third major effort. According to, it will be titled "This is Me ... Then."

The official release date will be at the start of the upcoming holiday season, Nov. 26. There are reports that J-Lo will likely embark on a major tour to support the new project.

She also has a new movie. It's set to open in mid-December, co-starring Ralph Fiennes. The working title was "The Chambermaid." Now it's called "Maid in Manhattan." And she's working on another film project, "Jersey Girl," with constant companion Ben Affleck.


CBS newswoman Lesley Stahl begins her co-anchoring of "48 Hours" with quite an interview subject. She airs what is being called a "fresh look" at the JonBenet Ramsey case. Columnist Liz Smith lauds the decision by CBS to add Stahl to the anchor staff and the retention of Stahl on "60 Minutes." Without her presence on the latter, Smith quips, the show would "die of testosterone poisoning."

By the way, Stahl's interview on the Ramsey case features a talk with one of the first detectives to work on the case. He thinks that the Ramsey family is innocent.


The folks at Canadian radio and TV who act as censors for the nation have ruled that the second season of the immensely popular series, "The Sopranos," can be shown north of the border without any cuts being made. The board of the CTV admits that the show is laced with nudity and vulgarity, but -- now think about this -- it claims that since the nudity and vulgarity are necessary for plot exposition, then both are OK.

What this means, essentially, is that it doesn't matter what you write, you can then "flesh it out," as necessary, with objectionable material in order to progress the plot. Canadian industry codes require that "warning labels" be placed at the beginning of segments that fall into those categories, though.


For years, Spaulding Gray has been one of the United States' top writers and actors. He's famous for his work in movies such as "The Killing Fields," "The Paper" and "Kate and Leopold." Now, according to the New York Post, extreme depression has led him to a suicide attempt. The publication says that Gray, often dubbed the "WASP Woody Allen," has been depressed since a nearly fatal head-on auto crash this past June while he was visiting Ireland. There are reports that he was "rescued" after motorists saw him leaning from the railing of a Long Island bridge. It has been reported that doctors may have prescribed the wrong medications for Gray to treat head injuries suffered in the accident, and that this may have worsened his depression.


Doctors in Pittsburgh tell the media that the condition of charismatic University of Cincinnati basketball coach Bob Huggins is slowly improving. He suffered a heart attack at the Pittsburgh International Airport while visiting that city on a recruiting jaunt a week ago. A stent was used to open a blocked artery.

Huggins is only 49 and was the third-youngest coach to ever win 500 games in his NCAA division. During his time at the helm of the Cincinnati team, his players have been rated tops in the nation several times.


Some of the closest friends of the late George Harrison are planning a special benefit concert in his honor. The planned event, to be put together by Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney, has the imprimatur of Harrison's family. The concert is slated for Nov. 29, the anniversary of Harrison's death.

People magazine reminds us that Harrison died of cancer on that date. He was 58 at the time. The Harrison tribute will be a major event, to be held in London's Royal Albert Hall. Tapped to also perform are Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. The concert will benefit Harrison's Material World charity.


Today we're asking: "Which of the Beatles was your favorite ... and why?" Put BEATLES in the subject line and send to via the Internet.


Last week we asked how much canning or food storage you do. Here are some random replies: Denise says that she can't really do much canning. Like several who sent in replies, she notes that she can "barely cook," let alone can. I was surprised at the number of people who wrote to say that canning was a lost art.

Because of the amount of canned and frozen foods in stores there's really no reason to can -- except for the fact that gardening is fun and, for many of us, canning brings back great memories of our childhood.

LB says that "being a good Mormon," she has at least a year's supply of all the essentials. She says that canning is big for her. She loves to can tomatoes and pickles. This subject brings to mind ABC's Paul Harvey and his great advertising line for the Kerr company. "Use Kerr jars and lids ... every time you can." (LB, invite me over). NEXT: What makes you laugh? GBA

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