'Ratched': Sarah Paulson tries to show 'mercy' in final trailer for Netflix series

Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Netflix is giving a glimpse of the new series Ratched.

The streaming service shared a final trailer for the psychological thriller series Tuesday featuring Sarah Paulson as the titular character, nurse Mildred Ratched.


In the new preview, Ratched (Paulson) hints at a painful past, recounting how she was taken away from her parents at a young age and never reunited with them. This pain in part inspires her to show "mercy" to her patients at Lucia State Hospital.

At the psychiatric hospital, the staff begin to perform new and unsettling experiments on patients. Ratched witnesses a lobotomy for the first time, which is touted as a cure for "juvenile distraction, lesbianism, mania" and other "maladies."

Cynthia Nixon's character, Gwendolyn Briggs, appears to question the hospital's methods.

"But then, aren't we playing God? Aren't we saying there's one feeling that's right another feeling that's wrong?" she asks.

Ratched is created by Evan Romansky and executive produced by American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. The series is inspired by Ken Kesey's novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, previously adapted as a 1975 film.


Ratched is a prequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest that presents an origin story for Ratched, the iconic villain who has Jack Nicholson's character lobotomized in the film adaptation.

Ratched co-stars Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Jon Jon Briones, Finn Wittrock and Charlie Carver. The series premieres Sept. 18.

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