(G)I-dle's Yuqi becomes possessed in 'Yuq1' concept trailer

April 8 (UPI) -- Chinese singer Yuqi is teasing her debut solo EP.

The K-pop star, a member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-dle, released a concept trailer for the album, Yuq1, on Monday.


The teaser opens with Yuqi singing and playing guitar alone at home. The singer begins to hear eerie whispering, which prompts her to poke a hole in the wall. When she meets the gaze of a mysterious eye, Yuqi becomes possessed.

Yuqi shared a single and music video for "Could It Be," the pre-release single from her album, on Friday.

Yuq1 also will feature the tracks "Freak," "My Way," "Drink It Up," "Red Rover," "On Clap" featuring Lexie Liu and "Everytime" featuring (G)I-dle's Minnie.

(G)I-dle also consists of Miyeon, Soyeon and Shuhua. The group made its debut in 2018.

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