Italy in state of terror over earthquake shock

By Allan Rohe  |  January 14 1915
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ROME -- With martial law prevailing in the region devastated by yesterday's earthquake, the Italian government was today devoting every effort to compile an accurate list of the dead and to relieve the injured. Railroad and telegraph communication in the stricken section is completely interrupted. An emergency fund of $50,000 was set aside for immediate relief and the Minister of War instantly sent 2,500 additional troops to the aid of those sent into the department of the Abruzzi and Potenza province yesterday. They will take tents and provisions for the relief of the sufferers.

Report of various officials in charge show the following cities and towns affected:

Avezanno -- Thousands of the 10,000 inhabitants either killed or injured. Death list very large. Aielli -- 1,000 reported dead, 500 hurt, many fatally. Artino -- 150 known dead, many hurt. Albano -- Some dead, number unknown; town badly damaged. Pofl -- 500 out of a population of 4,000 reported killed; town practically demolished. Poppi -- Report death list heavy; no details as yet obtained. Palestrino -- Five dead, many hurt. Rome -- None dead in the city, many hurt. Ripi -- Fifteen reported dead, many inured. Sora -- 100 reported dead, town reported wrecked. Sarno, Sonia, Subiacco and Sanvito -- Reported many injured in these towns, but no dead. Torrescajenti -- At least 150 believed to be dead and many injured. Tivoli -- One dead and many hurt. Arricia -- Forty reported dead. Campobasso -- Twenty known dead, rumored that many are buried in ruins. Ciprano -- Many houses destroyed; no loss of life reported. Cori -- Partly demolished, no loss of life reported. Cervetri -- Seven reported dead. Filacciano -- Three reported dead. Galiano -- Several dead in ruins of noted cathedral there; others dead in ruins of homes. Megalino -- Entire city reported demolished; fear death list will be large. Monterotondo -- Three known dead, including noted professor, Lugi Megnati. Naples -- None dead, many injured. Per-Chino -- Ten dead, many hurt. Trevi and Torrica -- Many reported injured, no dead. Viroli -- Two killed, forty injured. Vellatri and Vicovaro -- Many injured, none known dead.

The first of the injured to arrive in Rome were brought in on a special train today. They were brought from the outer edge of the stricken district. Doctors accompanying them say that the condition is very serious. The mountainous nature of the stricken country is retarding the efforts of the troops to get to various villages and render relief. Highways are blocked at points and railroad lines are useless, so progress must necessarily be of the slowest. It is feared this will increase the number of dead, as many of the injured are believed to be in a serious condition. The Rome authorities have taken steps to aid the homeless. Public buildings will be equipped with cots for the refugees.

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