Man-made island lures terns from salmon

LAKEVIEW, Ore., June 17 (UPI) -- Oregon Wildlife officials are claiming success in efforts to move hungry Caspian terns away from valuable salmon migration routes on the Columbia River.

Microbe killing Pacific Northwest oysters

OLYMPIA, Wash., June 9 (UPI) -- The Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association said a tiny microbe is killing billions of young oyster larvae in the U.S. Northwest.

Serial cat killer on Portland campus

PORTLAND, Ore., June 3 (UPI) -- A string of cat killings and mutilations across a Portland, Ore., campus has police and animal rights supporters on alert.

Tampering possible in bleacher collapse

HILLSBORO, Ore., June 2 (UPI) -- Police on Monday were investigating possible tampering in the collapse of some metal bleachers during a sixth-grade class picture event in Oregon.

Harding accuses ex-husband, others of rape

NEW YORK, May 16 (UPI) -- Tonya Harding's former husband and two other men raped her and threatened her life years ago, the controversial U.S. figure skater has alleged.
Clinton hits campaign trail in Oregon

Clinton hits campaign trail in Oregon

EUGENE, Ore., April 6 (UPI) -- Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton packed two high school gyms Saturday in her first campaign trip to Oregon.

Expert: Parachute not D.B. Cooper's

AMBOY, Wash., April 1 (UPI) -- An old parachute found in rural Washington last week wasn't used by skyjacker D.B. Cooper back in 1971, an expert said Monday night.

Report: Oden angers Portland officials

PORTLAND, Ore., March 28 (UPI) -- Last year's No. 1 NBA draft pick Greg Oden of Portland has angered team officials by playing in a pickup game while he recovers from a knee surgery.

Analysis: Oil and Gas Pipeline Watch

India ready for gas pipeline talks with Iran and Pakistan's new government; Iraq issues tender for dual Iraq-Iran pipelines; Environmentalists, Oregon city oppose proposed pipeline; Rwanda, Uganda sign MoU for fuel pipeline; Indian government reviewing proposed Kashmir gas line MoU
BEN LANDO, UPI Energy Editor

Swastika flag flown next to bridge

PORTLAND, Ore., March 7 (UPI) -- A Nazi flag attached to a 4-foot balloon that greeted commuters Friday morning was the latest in a series of similar banners in Portland, Ore.

Oregon to hold health insurance lottery

SALEM, Ore., March 4 (UPI) -- The Oregon Department of Human Services is holding a lottery to choose who will be eligible to receive health insurance benefits.

Repentant thief returns ghost bike

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 15 (UPI) -- The thief who stole a "ghost bike" -- which marks the spot of a fatality -- from a memorial to a Portland, Ore., cyclist returned the bicycle with apologies.

Mudslide buries train tracks in Oregon

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore., Jan. 20 (UPI) -- A large mudslide buried train tracks in Oregon this weekend, prompting a temporary stoppage of all rail transport through the Klamath Falls area.

Riding the SLUT in Seattle

SEATTLE, Jan. 18 (UPI) -- The latest addition to the Seattle trolley network has been nicknamed the SLUT.

Climate change endangering U.S. salmon

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 6 (UPI) -- Salmon in the Columbia River and other U.S. streams could face an uncertain future if global temperatures continue to warm, experts say.

Jockstrip: The world as we know it.

Robber's car towed from court ... Postum goes the way of the buggy whip ... Hundreds take sub-zero jump in Minn. lake ... Doc saves poodle's life with CPR ... The world as we know it from UPI.

Doc saves poodle's life with CPR

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore., Jan. 1 (UPI) -- An Oregon doctor who almost killed his pet poodle by dropping a pot of stuffing on its head saved the dog by performing CPR.

Oregon girl who lobbied Congress dies

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Eight-year-old Jenessa Boey Byers, who lobbied Congress for more money to fight children's cancer, has died in Oregon.

Alibis clear 'Waddling Bandit' suspect

EUGENE, Ore., Dec. 19 (UPI) -- Electronic alibis have spared a 71-year-old Oregon man suspected of being a serial bank robber dubbed "The Waddling Bandit" from prosecution.

Crook spreads stolen Christmas cheer

VANCOUVER, Wash., Dec. 17 (UPI) -- After allegedly robbing a Chevron gas station in Vancouver, Wash., a man left a $700 Christmas present at a nearby pizza parlor.

Police car almost towed

GRESHAM, Ore., Dec. 14 (UPI) -- An Oregon tow-truck driver who tried to haul off a marked police car parked in a fire zone ended up under arrest.

Northwest battered by wind and rain

NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- A storm in the Pacific Northwest closed roads, sent rivers over their banks and pounded the coast of Oregon and Washington with dangerous surf..

Teens leave school showers dry

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 3 (UPI) -- U.S. high school students who still have a choice in the matter choose a certain level of stinkiness over the possible embarrassment of group showers.

Watercooler Stories

Beet juice used to deice roads ... Nordstrom stores embracing canned music ... 'GETOSAMA' plates lead to N.Y. lawsuit ... Virginia chicken fat leak causes accidents ... Watercooler stories from UPI.

Nordstrom stores embracing canned music

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 28 (UPI) -- The pianists traditionally filling Nordstrom stores with melodies will soon be gone as the U.S. chain switches to piped-in pop songs.
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