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Cholera death toll rising in Haiti

Dec. 1, 2010 at 10:35 AM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- The United Nations says the death toll for the cholera epidemic in Haiti has reached 1,751 with more than 1, 200 people still hospitalized with the illness.

The in-hospital fatality rate for the entire country is 3.6 percent but it is 4.5 percent in the capital of Port-au-Prince, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said.

Key issues in the crisis involve the standardization of chlorine levels in water and the management of dead bodies, the U.N. agency said.

Disposal of fecal matter is another problem healthcare workers must deal with in keeping cholera from spreading.

The United Nations said security restrictions surrounding Haiti's recent elections impacted the cholera response in some areas, though nearly all have been lifted and the situation is returning to normal.

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