Krystle Campbell, 29, identified as second Boston Marathon bomb victim

Krystle Campbell (Facebook)
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The father of a 29-year-old woman has confirmed his daughter, Krystle Campbell, was one of the three victims of the bombings at the Boston Marathon Monday.

William Campbell told Inside Medford he is in shock over his daughter's death.


"My daughter was the most lovable girl," William Campbell said. "She helped everybody and I'm just so shocked right now. We're just devastated. She was a wonderful, wonderful girl. Always willing to lend a hand."

Krystle Campbell, of Medford, Mass., was at the marathon finish line to watch her boyfriend run the race. William Campbell said he was unsure if her boyfriend had completed the race when the bomb went off.

Campbell was a graduate of Medford High School in 2001.

Personal trainer Marc Hordon, a friend of Campbell's released a statement on the Facebook page of Hordon Health personal trainers:

Hordon HEALTH lost a member of its extended family yesterday at the Boston Marathon. Her name was Krystle Campbell, and she died instantly yesterday at the bombings. Krystle could easily have been described as the salt of the earth, but her complexity demands more...

Close friend of Yann Kumin, once a coach for the Boston Institute of Football and HordoN HEALTH, and friend of Marc Hordon, Krystle was seldom caught not smiling, and not expressing her opinion. She was beautiful, she was loud, and everyone loved her for it. Along with the million dollar smile came head to toe freckles and gorgeous bright red hair, connecting her Irish roots and kid-like manor; it was easy to feel ten years younger around her, no matter who you were. She had tremendous passion and energy, and Krystle attacked life with vigor and excitement.


Krystle you will be missed not only by those who knew you, loved you, and cherished you the most, but you will be deeply missed by this world as a whole. Your character, your fortitude, your conviction is something that this world desperately needs and now will forever miss.

Rest in Peace dear child. You are safe. You will always be loved.

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