Derek Jeter likes Marlins' grit, says attendance will improve with time

By Alex Butler

April 13 (UPI) -- Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter says that despite a 3-9 record, he likes the team's approach.

"I like the grit ... the fight the team has shown," Jeter said Friday at Marlins Park in Miami. "We've tied or had the lead in 10 of those 12 games. We're developing a winning culture. Sometimes it takes a little time."


"I like how the guys are at least going about their business. I think everyone will tell you, no one is happy with the results. You go in the clubhouse and they'll tell you the same thing. it's a long season and we need to try to get a win tonight."

Jeter, 43, officially became part owner of the franchise in October. The Marlins entered Friday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on a three-game losing streak, after being swept by the New York Mets. The Marlins entered the Pittsburgh series losing seven of its pervious eight games.

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But the New York Yankees legend says he doesn't have enough evidence to pass judgment.


"It's still early," Jeter said. "We've played 12 games. I don't think you ever really try to judge a start or judge a player on a 12-game stretch. You play those games in the middle of the season, they may not stand out as much as they do at the beginning. So I think you at least let it go three or four weeks before you start passing out judgment.

"But like I said, I like the approach. The guys are battling and playing hard but we gotta find ways to win more games."

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Jeter said the Marlins "want to get the baseball fans back into the stadium" and get some new fans along the way.

Miami ranks last in home attendance, drawing an average of 12,641 fans in nine games at Marlins Park. Last season, Miami had the third-worst average home attendance.

According to Baseball Reference, Major League Baseball experienced an overall decline in attendance from the 2016 season through the 2017 season.


"I think part of that starts with the experience," Jeter said. "You come here and have a good experience, hopefully you come back. Yeah, obviously we want the attendance to be higher, but that comes with time."

The Marlins face the Pirates again on Saturday and Sunday before heading north for a two-game series against the New York Yankees. Jeter doesn't plan to attend those games in the Bronx.

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