Venomous snake found 'trying to hide among the undies' in bedroom

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March 15 (UPI) -- A snake catcher was called out to a home in Queensland, Australia, where the second-most venomous snake in the world was found "literally trying to hide among the undies" in a resident's bedroom.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted a video to Facebook showing snake catcher Daniel Rumsey's encounter with a juvenile eastern brown snake in a woman's bedroom.


The video shows the serpent slithering through a pile of laundry.

"Literally trying to hide among the undies, on the second story, is the second most venomous snake on the planet," Rumsey says in the video.

The bedroom's resident thanked the snake catcher in a comment on the post.

"Lucky he stuck his head under the housemate's door, otherwise he would have gone undetected and I might have copped a bite when I went to bed," she wrote.

The snake was relocated to a wilderness area.

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