Florida man on jet ski ride frees dolphin tangled in rope

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Dec. 3 (UPI) -- A Florida man riding his jet ski in Biscayne Bay came to the rescue of a dolphin he spotted tangled in some rope attached to a cage.

Nicholas Tuduri shared video showing him using a knife to cut through the rope wrapped around the dolphin's body after he and a friend spotted the aquatic mammal struggling in Biscayne Bay.


He said the rescue took about 10 minutes.

"I think once the dolphin realized that we had the cage up to the surface and he didn't have to fight us so much to try to breathe, he just floated and stayed there with us," Tuduri told WSVN-TV. "It's amazing. The dolphin was looking with its eye. It was watching us, observing us do what we were doing, and he just let us do our thing."

Tuduri said about seven or eight dolphins came up to the surface and swam alongside his jet ski after he freed their comrade.

"I think they were thanking me," he said.

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