University of Alabama employee finds diamond lost in stadium

Oct. 8 (UPI) -- An employee at the University of Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium said she was "shocked" when a seemingly futile search for a diamond that fell from a guest's ring ended successfully after only 30 minutes.

Victoria Giattina, assistant director of event management and external operations for the stadium, said a couple called after attending the Crimson Tide's 52-24 win over Texas A&M on Saturday to report a diamond was missing from the woman's wedding ring.


Giattina said the couple had searched their home and vehicle for the diamond before calling the school.

"On a whim, they looked up the UA GameDay number and called them," Giattina told "They really didn't think it was at the stadium."

Giattina was given the task of searching the section where the couple had been seated on Monday morning, two days after the small stone was lost.

She said she "couldn't believe it" when she located the diamond after only about 30 minutes of searching.

"When I saw it, I was in shock," Giattina said Wednesday. "There's no way. It's literally laying here, shining so brightly. I was like, 'Is this real?'"


Giattina snapped a photo of her discovery, which was later tweeted by Jeff Purinton, deputy director of athletics for the university.

Giattina said the diamond isn't the only object she's been sent out into the stadium to search for, but it is definitely the most valuable.

"I was nervous because I've been sent in there to search for keys, credit cards, sunglasses, binoculars," she said. "Honestly, a lot of times, it is very difficult to find things."

The diamond was returned to the couple and Giattina said the grateful owner reached out to the athletic department to offer her thanks.

"They are so excited in having it back," Giattina said.

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