Parrot interrupts Croatian soccer game by landing on player

Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A soccer game in Croatia was interrupted when an escaped parrot celebrated a team's goal by swooping down onto the field and landing on a parrot's back.

A video of the game between Cibalia and Bijelo Brdo shows Karlo Isasegi, a full back for Cibalia, being surprised after a teammate's goal when a parrot lands on his back.


The footage shows Isasegi carefully reaching behind him and transferring the yellow Alexandrine parrot to his hand, eliciting cheers from the crowd of spectators.

Dominik Bubalo, the bird's owner, said his pet had been missing for three days before she turned up at the soccer game. The owner and parrot were reunited after the game, which Cibalia ended up losing 3-1.

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