Watch: Thousands of ducks let loose on Thailand rice paddies to clear out bugs

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Sept. 15 (UPI) -- A drone video recorded the moment shows some 10,000 ducks let loose on a rice farm in Thailand to remove insects after a recent harvest.

The video, recorded on a farm in Nakhon Province, shows the khaki Campbell ducks being released from their pens to stream onto the flooded rice fields to remove insects, snails and other pests that could harm the plants during the off-season.


Farmers said the ducks will be allowed to roam free for about five months to keep the rice paddies bug-free and will then be rounded up to lay their eggs.

Duck breeder Apiwat Chalermklin said the arrangement is mutually beneficial for the rice farmers, who keep their costs down and are able to get rid of pests without harmful chemicals, and the duck breeders, who save money for feed.

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