Texas man's headaches caused by tapeworm in his brain

Jan. 27 (UPI) --

Doctors in Texas said a man who came in complaining of frequent headaches and a fainting spell may have had a tapeworm in his brain for over a decade.


Officials at Ascension Seton said the Austin man came in after fainting in the middle of a soccer game last year and told doctors he had been experiencing severe headaches for months.

An MRI revealed the man had a tapeworm inside his brain.

The worm was removed surgically and the man is now recovering and reported to doctors that his headaches have ceased.

Doctors said the man may have contracted the tapeworm by eating under-cooked pork in Mexico more than a decade ago. They said the man's sister previously had a tapeworm removed from her brain years earlier.

It was unclear whether the siblings contracted their tapeworms at the same time.

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