World's longest strawberry cake baked in Italy

By Ben Hooper
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May 1 (UPI) -- A group of bakers in Italy broke a Guinness World Record when they created a strawberry cake measuring nearly 200 feet long.

The bakers spent a total 300 hours creating the 198.4-foot cake that was unveiled at an event this week in Scanzano Jonico.


The cake, which was topped by 1,763 pounds of strawberries, was created by bakers Salvatore Di Trani, Dolce Voglia di Dartizio/Rapanaro, Dolci Privilegi di Angelo Corbino and Vincenzo Mastropierro along with a team of volunteers.

The cake surpassed a 105-foot cake created in France in 2017.

The attempt was organized by the Piraccini Secondo company, which supplied the strawberries for the cake.

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