Mississippi neighbors perplexed by mashed potato mystery

Ben Hooper

April 12 (UPI) -- Residents of a Mississippi neighborhood are trying to get to the bottom of an unusual mystery -- someone has been leaving mashed potatoes in various locations.

Neighbors in the Belhaven area of Jackson said they been finding plates of mashed potatoes in locations including porches, mailboxes and on top of vehicles.


"This neighborhood does a lot of quirky things, we decorate road signs we put Christmas trees in our potholes, so it's not surprising at all, that's why I love this neighborhood, because they do so many strange things, but it's definitely one of the weirdest things I've seen since living in Jackson," resident Jordan Lewis, who found mashed potatoes on her car, told WJTV.

Residents said they have yet to uncover the motive behind the apparent prank.

"Some people were thinking maybe the mashed potatoes were poisoned to kill animals. I didn't taste it, I have a 3-second rule, so I didn't touch it but some people were worried," said Sebastian Bjernegard, who found a plate of potatoes on his doorstep.

Neighbors said they have not involved the police since the prank appears to be harmless.


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