Escaped wallaby on the loose in Pennsylvania

Ben Hooper

Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A wallaby that escaped from a Pennsylvania farm was caught on video by a woman who spotted the animal in her yard.

Kala Cunningham posted a video to Facebook showing the animal she spotted in the yard of her family's Chanceford Township, York County, home.


Cunningham identified the marsupial as a "baby kangaroo," but the escaped animal's owner explained it is actually a wallaby, a smaller cousin of the kangaroo.

Bredon Kline, owner of the Party Animalz Farm in Brogue, said Rocko the wallaby escaped when floodwaters damaged the farm's fencing.

"It happened about two weeks ago during the flooding," Kline told PennLive. "He was in a temporary pen, and the 6-foot perimeter fence was washed away in the storm. I wish I knew where he was."

The farm is located nearby Cunningham's home, indicating Rocko has not strayed far from the area.

Kline said Rocko enjoys popcorn and chips, but is not friendly toward strangers.

"Do not go up to him to catch him," Kline said. "We'll do our best to drop everything that we're doing and do our best to catch him."

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