Two-headed snake found in Virginia backyard

By Daniel Uria

Sept. 23 (UPI) -- A rare two-headed copper snake was found in a Virginia backyard, the state's wildlife department said.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control shared photos of the two-headed reptile after it was recovered from a Woodbridge resident's yard.


"Hey y'all, check out these extremely rare photos of an actual '2 headed' copperhead," the department wrote on Facebook.

The copperhead was then taken to The Wildlife Center of Virginia where doctors carried out radiograph tests to examine the baby snake.

"It appears as though the left head is more dominant -- it's generally more active and responsive to stimulus," the center said.

The radiographs found the snake has two tracheas, two esophaguses and the two heads share one heart and one set of lungs.

Although the snake's left head is more dominant, its anatomy would indicate the right head would be better suited for eating.

A herpetologist will monitor the two-headed snake and it will be placed in an educational facility if it survives.

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