Salem mayor spots 'eerie' face in street lamp

By Ben Hooper
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April 27 (UPI) -- The mayor of Salem, Mass., tweeted a photo of what appears to be a ghostly face in a street lamp, and Twitter went wild with the possibilities.

Mayor Kim Driscoll tweeted a photo Wednesday of a street lamp where shadows and the tint of the glass gave the illusion of a face.


"Anybody else see a face in this light?...Totally eerie, eh," Driscoll wrote.

Twitter users were quick to point out Salem's history with the paranormal, having famously been the site of witchcraft trials in 1692.

Others said the face appeared "kind of Voldemort-y," or compared it to famous faces including actor Luis Guzman, Will Ferrell, Che Guevara, and Power Rangers leader Zordon.

"Sell it on Ebay, say it's Jesus and you will make a fortune for your town's treasury," @maniacus tweeted.

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