'Last Samurai Standing': Netflix to adapt 'Ikusagami' as new series

April 19 (UPI) -- Netflix has announced the new series Last Samurai Standing.

The streaming service said in a press release Thursday that it is developing the show with Japanese actor Junichi Okada, who plays the lead role and also serves as producer and action choreographer. Michito Fujii will direct.


Last Samurai Standing is based on the Shogo Imamura novel Ikusagami, which was previously adapted as a manga series. The show presents "an intriguing tale of survival and honor" set against the backdrop of an epic battle royale.

"Set in the late 19th century during the Meiji period, Last Samurai Standing takes place at the Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto. Come nightfall, 292 skilled warriors gather, lured by the promise of a grand prize of 100 billion yen. Among them is our protagonist, Shujiro Saga (Okada), who enters this dangerous game with one goal: to save his ailing wife and child," an official synopsis reads.

Last Samurai Standing strives to reflect "the timeless allure of samurai tales and the enduring spirit of those who lived through those times."

"I wrote Ikusagami with the intention of making a historical novel that could be enjoyed worldwide. When Netflix approached me, I was overjoyed. And having Junichi Okada in the lead role was a dream come true, as I had envisioned him as Shujiro while writing," Imamura said in a statement.


"We're creating a unique world with an ensemble cast. We feel a responsibility to deliver something unprecedented. I'm glad for this opportunity to take an amazing story, cast and visuals, and create a work for Japan and the world to see," Fujii added.

Okada is known for such films as Kisarazu Cat's Eye, The Eternal Zero, A Samurai Chronicle and Samurai's Promise.

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