'Quantum Leap' Season 2 adds Eliza Taylor, Peter Gadiot

Eliza Taylor joins the cast of "Quantum Leap." Photo courtesy of NBC
1 of 5 | Eliza Taylor joins the cast of "Quantum Leap." Photo courtesy of NBC

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- NBC announced Tuesday that Quantum Leap has added two cast members for Season 2. Eliza Taylor and Peter Gadiot join the second season, which premieres Oct. 4.

Quantum Leap began filming Season 2 episodes before the SAG-AFTRA strike in July, including Episode 8 on location in Egypt. This is the first news of additional cast members.


According to NBC, Taylor plays Hannah Carson, who first appears in Episode 3. Gadiot plays Army intelligence officer Tom Westfall, who takes a role overseeing the Quantum Leap project, but NBC did not specify when he joins the show.

Season 1 cast members Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett, Ernie Hudson, Mason Alexander Park and Nanrisa Lee return. Hudson plays Magic Williams, current superior of Quantum Leap, so the addition of Westfall could create drama in the present-day storyline.

A sequel to the original NBC series starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, Quantum Leap follows a current Quantum Leap project. Lee plays Dr. Ben Song, who leaps through time.

The project is also said to be trying to locate Bakula's character, Sam Beckett, who never returned from his time travel adventure. The late Stockwell's character, Al, died one year earlier in the series, but his daughter (Georgina Reilley) is a new character in the show.


The season premiere also features guest stars Melissa Roxburgh, Francois Arnaud, Aaron Abrams and P.J. Byrne. The Egypt episode will air Dec. 6.

Quantum Leap airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT.

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