'Walking Dead' teaser, photos show more confrontations to come

Lauren Cohan returns to The Walking Dead. Photo courtesy of AMC
Lauren Cohan returns to "The Walking Dead." Photo courtesy of AMC

Jan. 12 (UPI) -- AMC released a teaser and new photos from the extended 10th season of The Walking Dead Tuesday. The original finale of Season 10 aired Oct. 4, 2020, but the show produced six additional episodes after production resumed with COVID-19 safety protocols.

The teaser shows still frames of Walking Dead characters with audible dialogue from each. Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who returned in the Oct. 4 episode, says, "We need to get our heads on straight."


Daryl (Norman Reedus) says, "I'm not going to stop until I find out." Carol (Melissa McBride) declares, "Alpha needed to die." Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) says, "I didn't escape, if that's what you're thinking."

The new episodes pick up after the carnage wrought by the Whisperers, whom the survivors battled. The rebuilding leaves characters vulnerable and forces them to deal with things they've buried.

Photos show Negan encountering Maggie in the woods, Daryl with a crossbow and more Commonwealth Soldiers.

New guest stars include Robert Patrick, Okea Eme-Akwari and Hilarie Burton Morgan. Burton Morgan plays a character named Lucille, which was also the name of Negan's baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

AMC previously announced that The Walking Dead would end after the upcoming 11th season. The spinoff Fear the Walking Dead and limited series Walking Dead: World Beyond are also still in production.

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 28 on AMC, with episodes available early on AMC+ every Thursday beginning Feb. 25.

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