Kyla thanks fans after Pristin's disbandment: 'I am very lucky'

Annie Martin

May 24 (UPI) -- Korean-American singer Kyla is feeling sad but grateful amid Pristin's disbandment.

The 17-year-old K-pop star, born Kyla Massie, penned a message to Pristin's fan base, HIgh, Friday on Instagram following news the girl group has broken up.


"Dear HIghs, I am so devastated that I have to be uploading this post and I know that so many of you have a million questions. For now, I just want to say I am so sorry and also incredibly grateful to all of you who have supported us from the beginning when we were Pledis Girlz to now.

While Pristin has officially disbanded, I would like to ask you all not to be upset or angry, but rather joyous of the memories that we've had together and all of the amazing things we have accomplished," she said.

Kyla asked fans to support her as she pursues a solo career and other endeavors.

"I had been with Pledis for approximately 9 years now and I am very lucky to have had this amazing experience and to have had such a wonderful second family. Thank you," the singer wrote.

"It has been a rollercoaster ride the past 2 years and I couldn't be more grateful to all of the people who have supported us over this time. Thank you so much. I love you with all of my heart," she added.


Pristin's agency, Pledis Entertainment, said in a statement Kyla, Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena and Xiyeon have terminated their contracts, while Kyulkyung, Yehana and Sungyeon will remain with the agency.

"The company and the members had in-depth discussions for a while and deliberated before coming to a mutual agreement," the company said. "We'd like to apologize to fans, who've always been supportive, for the unfortunate news."

Pristin debuted as a group in 2016 and was known for the singles "Wee Woo," "Black Widow" and "We Like." The group last released the EP Schxxl Out in August 2017.

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