Ashley Darby says husband Michael has her full trust

Aug. 2 (UPI) -- Ashley Darby says her husband, Michael Darby, has her full trust.

The 33-year-old television personality and Michael Darby appeared on Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, where they addressed a recent photo of Michael Darby with a blonde woman.


Darby and Michael Darby previously weathered a cheating scandal. Last week, a photo surfaced of Michael Darby speaking to a blonde woman at a bar.

On WWHL, Michael Darby was asked to clear the air about the photo.

"Sometimes we go out together; sometimes we go on our own, and so I went out and had a good time," Michael Darby said. "Of course there's fans all over the place and they came up and said hello. But you know, I'm always going to have pictures taken of me in places -- I really don't care anymore."

"I have a good time, and I love this woman dearly," he added, gesturing to Darby. "And we're together forever."

Darby confirmed her husband has her "full trust" when he goes out.

"We are doing things differently this time postpartum, and we're having more fun this time than we did last time," she said. "So I think I'm keeping him happy at home."


Darby and Michael Darby also played Lovey Dovey Darby!, a game where they answered different questions to see if their answers matched.

Darby and Michael Darby married in May 2014 and have two young children, sons Dean and Dylan.

Darby said on WWHL in October that Michael Darby had been on "his best behavior" since his cheating scandal.

"We're really making an effort to be together," Darby said.

"We have made a lot of progress, honestly," she added. "Saying things that we never talked about before and really being open when we don't want to. It's not that easy for my husband."

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