Dr. Drew Pinsky 'feeling better' after testing positive for COVID-19

Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Dr. Drew Pinsky is at home and "feeling better" after testing positive for COVID-19.

The 62-year-old radio and television personality gave a health update Tuesday on Instagram after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.


In one photo, Pinsky is seen lying in bed and posing for the camera as his wife, Susan Pinsky, snaps a selfie.

"Drew tested positve day 4 and @firstladyoflove is negative. #2020 #covid19 #youlive. Drew is home, under survelliance and fever is down. Thanks Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Yo and Dr. Jeff for the superior care and advice. Drew is feeling better and will hppfully get well soon," the caption reads.

Pinsky gave an update and thanked fans for their support in an Instagram Live video Tuesday evening.

"COVID's no fun. I don't recommend it. But I'm sort of through the viral phase, which is when the virus is reproducing," he said.

Pinsky said he was "wishing for a positive COVID test" early on in his illness because he feared his symptoms might indicate something other than COVID-19.

"I had this terrible acute febrile illness and was testing negative, and if I did not have COVID, I had acute lymphocytic leukemia, which I did not want to have," he said.


Actor Bob Saget and comedians Nikki Glaser and Jamie Kennedy were among those to wish Pinsky well in the comments.

"Get well soon Drew. Xo," Saget wrote.

"Love you Drew! Thinking of you," Glaser added.

"You looking great buddy! Pleas rest up," Kennedy said.

Pinsky apologized in April for equating COVID-19 with influenza.

"My early comments about equating coronavirus with influenza were wrong. They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that, and we were wrong, and I want to apologize for that," he said. "I wish I'd gotten it right, but I got it wrong."

Pinsky was the longtime host of the radio talk show Loveline, which ended in 2016. He has starred on the VH1 series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House.

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