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Julianne Moore arrives for the "Game Change" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on March 7, 2012. UPI /Laura Cavanaugh | License Photo

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JULIANNE MOORE: John McCain's former campaign manager Steve Schmidt says the HBO movie "Game Change" is an accurate portrayal of McCain's 2008 U.S. presidential campaign.


The movie, which premiered on the cable network during the weekend, follows McCain as he chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on the Republican slate.

The film paints Palin as a dynamic figure who isn't properly vetted before McCain announces her as his running mate, and it quickly becomes obvious the bright, folksy politician who energizes the Republican party doesn't know much about geography, history or law. The McCain campaign is shown in the movie first trying to bring her up to speed, and then, finding that impossible, coaching her to memorize answers to commonly asked questions. Just as she seems to be getting the hang of it, however, the film shows her becoming more confident and defying what her advisers try to tell her to do.


Julianne Moore stars as Palin, Ed Harris plays McCain and Woody Harrelson plays Schmidt.

"I think it was very accurate," The Hollywood Reporter said Schmidt told the hosts of "Morning Joe" Monday. "For all of us in the campaign, it really rang true. It gave you a little bit of (post-traumatic stress disorder) at times. It did for me. But, look, I think it's a story of when cynicism and idealism collide. When you have to do things necessary to win, to try to get in office to do the great things you want to do for the country and I think it showed a process of vetting that was debilitated by secrecy, that was compartmentalized, that failed, that led to a result that was reckless for the country."

Palin last week criticized the film as "based on a false narrative," but also said she was unconcerned with "being in the good graces of Hollywood's Team Obama."

Director Jay Roach and screenwriter Danny Strong have said they interviewed more than two dozen people and used the non-fiction book "Game Change" by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann to make the tele-picture as accurate as possible.


In the interview Monday, Schmidt described Palin as "phenomenally talented at so many levels" with "an ability to connect," but also "manifestly unprepared to take the oath of office [as president] should it become necessary."

"I think the notion of Sarah Palin being president of the United States is something that frightens me, frankly. And I played a part in that. And played a part in that because we were fueled by ambition to win," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Schmidt as saying.

ALISAN PORTER: Actress and singer-songwriter Alisan Porter says she married her longtime beau, Brian Autenrieth, at a ranch in California's Santa Monica mountains.

Porter, 30, is best known for her portrayal of the titular moppet in 1991's "Curly Sue."

"We've been friends for 13 years and it's the most incredible feeling to know you're marrying your best friend," Porter told about the man she wed Saturday.

Porter married Autenrieth, 33, at Diablo Dormido in front of 100 guests, the celebrity news Web site said.

SUSAN LUCCI: Former daytime soap star Susan Lucci has landed a key role in "Devious Maids," a new American prime-time drama from "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry.


The casting news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.

Lucci starred on "All My Children" from its premiere in 1970 to its demise last summer.

The New York Post said the show is based on the Mexican telenovela format. It will follow four Beverly Hills maids and their wealthy employers, with one boss played by Lucci.

Actresses Ana Ortiz and Dania Ramirez also have joined the cast of the show, which is due to premiere in the fall, the Post said.

"Desperate Housewives" is wrapping up its eighth and final season this spring.

KATY PERRY: U.S. pop star Katy Perry is to perform live at the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards show, Nickelodeon said Monday.

"Katy Perry has doubly earned her position as kid favorite -- through her music, of course -- but also for reveling in an outrageous sliming on the show two years ago," Marjorie Cohn, president of original programming and development for Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group and executive producer of the show, said in a statement. "She works hard and plays hard and that's what makes her performance on the KCAs one to look forward to."


Will Smith is to preside over the March 31 event at USC's Galen Center in Los Angeles. The ceremony, now in its 25th year, is famous for covering stars in goo as a stunt to delight its young audience.

Scheduled to be presenters at the family-friendly ceremony are Chris Rock, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Zac Efron, Heidi Klum, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, Big Time Rush, Chris Colfer and Cee Lo Green.

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