Russian military hardware put to the test in 'battles' in the Moscow region

By Nikolai Litovkin, Russia Beyond The Headlines

MOSCOW, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- The combat capabilities of modern Russian military equipment were shown off to the public during the Army 2016 International Military and Technical Forum, held on Sept. 9-11 in the Moscow Region.

The program was opened by the Falcons of Russia and Russian Knights aerobatic groups. The aces flew the Su-27 fighter jets both separately and in formation, performing synchronized formation aerobatics, starting with barrel-rolls and ending with loop-the-loops.


The airshow was followed by a demonstration of the BTR-82A, BMP-3 BMD-4M and Sprut-SD fighting vehicles. The infantry crossed water obstacles and captured an imaginary enemy's defenses with fire support from T-72B-3 tanks on the ground, as well as Ka-52 and Mi-24 helicopters from the air.

In total, the program involved more than 100 pieces of machinery: aircraft, helicopters, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems.

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