Helibras tests defense component for EC725 helicopters

ITAJUBA, Brazil, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Eurocopter's Brazilian subsidiary has completed flight testing of a flare and chaff dispensing system for EC725 helicopters for the Brazilian military.

Helibras said the chaff and flare system -- developed by its Engineering Center -- is part of the aircraft's defensive system to counter heat-seeking and radar-guided missiles.


"The self-protection system's in-country development is part of Eurocopter's ambitious technology transfer program, enabling Brazilian defense organizations and companies to enhance their technical capabilities while opening significant growth opportunities for the nation's industry," Helibras said. "The program currently comprises several industrial cooperation projects and offset activities."

Seven twin-engine EC725 long-range transport helicopters produced in France has been delivered to Brazil's military. Additional helicopters will be assembled in Brazil by Helibras, and will be delivered to the Brazilian armed forces early next year following testing and acceptance.

Helibras said testing of the chaff and flare dispensing system, near Rio de Janeiro, involved the Brazilian Air Force and Brazil's national Aerospace Technology and Science Department.

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