Events of 1978

Published: 1978
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Announcer: 1978, a year clouded by its fear of tragedy and sorrow.

Steve Sung: "When the woman from the Peoples Temple tried to leave, her head got blown off."

Unknown Speaker: "Both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed."

Michael Bagnis: "We just thought it was like a sonic boom, and we look up and we see this plane and the wing was on fire and we just see like pieces of metal just kinda like floating away, and then we just, we hear the crash and then all this fire shot up."

Unknown Speaker: "And now the last procession begins to move back into the vast main gate of the Basilica. The first several..."

Announcer: 1978, a year shining its ray of hope...

President Jimmy Carter: " ...the framework for peace in the Middle East."

Unknown Speaker: "The signing of the framework for the comprehensive peace, gentlemen, has a significance far beyond the event."

Unknown Speaker: "Peace now celebrates a great victory for the nations of Egypt and Israel and for all mankind."

Announcer: This is Recap 78, a review of the major events which shaped the 365 days, the 52 weeks of the year 1978. First, this message...